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the Don't just dream, Live Your Dreams 

The Don't Just Dream Live Your Dreams is a movement, a beacon of hope, and a catalyst for transformation. We believe in the power of dreams and the boundless potential within each individual to achieve them. 

We are on a mission to turn dreams into reality. We are dedicated to breaking down barriers and ensuring that every child has the opportunity to pursue their passions and interests, regardless of their circumstances.

Don't Just Dream, Live Your Dreams is inspired by the indomitable spirit of Akeem Anderson, a compassionate soul who loved to play sports, learn to play music and loved to dance. In his high school yearbook he left this inspirational quote "Don't just Dream, Live your Dreams" which is how the name of this initiative came to be. Akeem's legacy lives on through our work, as we strive to make a profound impact on the lives of children and families.

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Supporting Dreams in Sports, Music, and Dance

The Don't Just Dream, Live Your Dreams Foundation will work to raise funds for scholarships that assist families in paying for extracurricular activities in sports, music, and dance—art forms that Akeem loved and cherished. We believe that these activities not only nurture talents but also build character, teamwork, and a sense of accomplishment.  

Akeem's 2014-2015
football highlights

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